Additional Program Selections



Fiore will be partnering with The Sandwich Shop in Vienna to offer a lunch option to students in primary and elementary 2 days a week. Both standard and vegetarian options are available. 

Blue Hummingbird

Early Bird

For primary families needing a little extra time every morning, you can sign up for our early bird drop off which begins at 7:45 am rather than the regular 8:10 am arrival time. 

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As an extension to our regular school year, Fiore offers summer programs for all students. 

Additional Elementary Programs 


Maker Space

A Makerspace allows for children to create, fix, and build things with their hands. Our Makerspace expert, Adam Thomas will be working with the children on the fundamentals of woodworking.



We have partnered with a local piano teacher to offer private lessons once a week after school. 



We have partnered with International Grand Master Rashad Babaev to offer a chess class one day a week. 


Fiore Club Day

One day a week, our elementary guide will be available after school to offer any extra help needed to the students.


Performing Arts

The students will work to develop skills in the performing arts that they will later put to use in the Spring play.


Outdoor Ed

Bridging life skills with an appreciation for the natural world helps students confidently learn to stand on their own two feet. As Maria Montessori said “Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur.”