COVID Response Update: Travel Policy

IF YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES In addition to keeping mitigation strategies in mind we are asking all parents to follow the following guidelines effective immediately.
  • Notify the School - If you are planning travel outside of our immediate areas which will require hotels, overnight stays, gatherings, airports etc, notify the school 2 weeks prior to your trip. Please use this google form to let us know.

  • Quarantine Rules - Please plan to quarantine and potentially test if you meet one or both these criteria:

  • If your travel takes you to a state / county that is showing a rapid increase in COVID cases. We will use the CDC tracker for change in cases over the last 7 days to identify places which are showing rapid increase (‘red’ limits) or high per capita COVID cases; and or

  • If you fly on a commercial plane or use other forms of public transportation where undeniably there will be exposure to large crowds.

Option 1 - Quarantine for 14 days upon return - this is the standard incubation period for the virus to show symptoms. Your child may return on day 14 after travel if he/she is symptom free. This is the preferred option to be as safe as possible. Option 2 - After 5 days of return from your trip get a PCR COVID test and return to school on day 7 if you get a negative test result and are symptom free. Please note:

  • Your child should be tested no earlier than day 5 upon return. This will allow for the virus to sufficiently incubate and increase the chances of detection substantially.

  • Your child should have no symptoms by the 7th day

  • Use the ‘PCR’ test which will take 24-48 hours to give results. We are hearing anecdotally that the PCR test is more reliable than the rapid test which takes 20 minutes to return a result. Please email a copy of your negative COVID test to the office.

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