Primary Community
A joyous and peaceful environment for children ages 3 to 6 years of age

Absorbent Mind / Sensorial


The child at the primary level has an absorbent mind that is taking in every sight, sound, touch, and experience. It is through this absorbent mind that the child processes information and learns. When Maria Montessori created the Children’s House, she said, “Let us give the world to the young child.” She took all of these facts about the world and encapsulated them into the sensorial materials: color, size, dimension, shape, form, taste...etc. In essence, she brought the qualities of the world into the environment. 



The primary environment is designed for independent work. Children between the ages of 3-6 mostly work alone. Lessons are given individually and most tables are set up so that the child will work independently. It isn’t until the child’s final year in primary, that they begin to transition into the second plane of development and gravitate towards group work. 

Practical Life


This section of the classrooms embodies the world that the child is coming from and it helps build concentration and fundamental life skills. Hand-washing, polishing, ironing, sweeping, and dusting are examples of work found in the Practical Life section. 

Grace and Courtesy

The environment for the Primary child contains beautiful materials that beg to be touched and an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, grace, and love. The child must be prepared and carefully shown how to interact with the materials and the environment. Grace and Courtesy stresses the importance of social skills and politeness and aids the child in their self construction. 


Control of Movement


The child is born with the potential for movement and coordinated movement. With movement comes a greater degree of independence and a heightened ability to explore. Movement allows the child to make an adaptation for the environment and this leads to the tendency to work.