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Additional Options

Fiore Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori Education for children ages 16 months through 12 years of age (middle school for ages 12-15 coming Fall 2023). We offer four programs: Toddler, Primary, Elementary, and Middle School (also known as an Adolescent program). Each program is 5 days a week. Toddler and primary offer options for half day, full day, and all day. For Elementary and Middle School, we offer school day and after school options.  It is also important to note that we do close for holidays, winter break, spring break, and for a few weeks each summer. 

To learn more about Toddler, Primary, Elementary, and Middle School-Adolescent, visit our Programs page. 

Additional Program Selections



Fiore offers a catered lunch option for students in primary and elementary 4 days a week. Both standard and vegetarian options are available. 


Early Bird

For primary families needing a little extra time every morning, you can sign up for our early bird drop off which begins at 7:45 am rather than the regular 8:10 am arrival time. 

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As an extension to our regular school year, Fiore offers summer programs for all current students. 

Additional Elementary Programs 


Fiore Club Day

One day a week, our elementary students have the opportunity to spend time together after school playing games, exploring the outdoors, or working on projects.



We have partnered with a local piano teacher to offer private lessons once a week after school. 


Performing Arts

The students will work to develop skills in the performing arts that they will later put to use in the Spring play.



We have partnered with International Grand Master Rashad Babaev to offer a chess class one day a week. 

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