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PEP Talks - At Fiore we believe that supporting and educating parents is an integral part of what we do. Fiore regularly hosts parent education sessions called PEP Talks (PEP stands for "Parent Enrichment Program"). Past topics include "Why Montessori Elementary", "Cooking with Children", "The Power of Observation", and "The Math Continuum from Primary to Elementary". View past PEP Talks here.

The Leaflet - Our bi-weekly newsletter designed to keep our community connected and informed.

Wine and Cheese Night - At the start of each school year, teachers and parents have come together to enjoy refreshments and conversation as we kick off the year ahead.

Bring Your Parent to Work Day - Most beloved was an event where parents had the opportunity to join their child in the classroom during the morning work cycle. Children were able to show their parent's their classroom environment and their work. It was a unique opportunity for parents to interact with their child in the classroom.

Journey and Discovery - An opportunity to explore and discover what it's like to be a child experiencing the Montessori materials and environment. 

Winter Walk of Lights - Each December, we come together as a community to enjoy the beautiful lights at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.

Earth Day - Since 2016, the Fiore community has been coming together to beautify and care for our gardens each spring in honor of Earth Day. 

Taste of Fiore - This parent-led event showcases the wide variety of cultures that come together to create our community. Families prepare food and display artifacts from their cultures to share with the rest of the community. 

MMUN - In the spring, adolescent students attend the Montessori Model United Nations event (learn more here). The students work all year to prepare and raise money for this annual conference. 

Student Performances - In 2021, some elementary students had the desire to write their own play. They assigned roles, rehearsed, sewed costumes, created sets and props, and worked with parents to design and build a beautiful stage. And so began the tradition of an annual elementary play and other student performances!

Fiore Community

Fiore is made up of a diverse but like-minded community. Being a part of our community provides families with a kind, supportive 'village' that all families crave as their children grow. Throughout the year, we create moments of connection between parents, staff members, and children through a variety of school events. Below you will find examples of past community events at Fiore.

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