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Serving children ages 6 to 12


The elementary child has entered a new stage or "plane of development" where they become increasingly curious about the world, have a fierce sense of justice, are academically driven, and like to work in groups with their peers. The elementary environment fosters a love of learning by providing a “let’s go find out” atmosphere. 

The academic curriculum for the elementary program is extensive and rigorous. The elementary child's reasoning mind leaves them constantly wondering about the world. The environment is specially designed to encourage children to research and discover new information about what interests them. It is an environment for discovery that ignites a spark within the child’s spirit.The children often work on many subjects simultaneously, allowing them to notice the natural relationships between each subject. They are given the freedom of exploration which allows them to be able to cover topics not typically explored in traditional elementary schools. Collaboration with the teacher ensures their work is challenging and purposeful and that academic standards are met. 

In partnership with our academic curriculum, children are also prepared with necessary life and social skills. We take pride in preparing children for real life situations that will serve them well as they continue their journey into adolescence and adulthood. The elementary community goes on specialized field trips called "Going Outs", which are planned completely by the children. The skills gained from coming up with, planning, and executing a Going Out are memorable and invaluable!

.Click here to learn more about academics in the elementary program.

Program Options

School Day Schedule: 7:45 am - 3:30 pm

Elementary After School programs are available and run from 3:30pm - 5:30pm.

Past programs have included chess, piano lessons, "Fiore Club", outdoor education, and performing arts. 
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