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We take our responsibility seriously as educators and role models, and in turn care for the children in our school as if they were our own. Our team is an extraordinary mix of passionate, highly skilled and dedicated educators who are also caring, kind and humble. And we are always looking for like minded candidates to join us and carry the torch forward. 


We also value long-term commitment from our staff, because this ensures consistency and reliability for our students. In doing so, we in turn commit to our employees by offering high salaries, great benefits, and professional growth opportunities. We are dedicated to AMI Montessori and therefore offer sponsorships for AMI training and mentorship of new teachers by seasoned AMI trainers and consultants. 


Please see our current job listings posted below (click for details). If you are interested in joining our team and do not see a posting that applies to you, we would still love to hear from you! Kindly reach out to with your resume and cover letter of interest.

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