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At Fiore,  we are a community of like-minded people coming together to create a safe, calming environment where children can flourish. 


- We are an authentic, AMI accredited Montessori school. 


- We believe that children begin as intelligent beings driven by a natural desire for growth and independence. 


- We use the Planes of Development to meet the child’s needs and to follow the natural learning process.


- We believe that meaningful work is the foundation for strong growth and development.



Read more about what we do differently at Fiore Montessori School.

What Does It Mean to be AMI Accredited?

The term “Montessori” was never trademarked, so when searching for a Montessori program, it is important to observe and ask questions. AMI stands for Association Montessori Internationale and is the closest to Maria Montessori’s original teachings. AMI was founded by Maria Montessori herself in 1929. It is traditional and true to the authentic Montessori method.

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