Montessori education focuses on giving your child a safe and calming environment, sound role models, free access to the natural world and a wide variety of scientifically developed materials. Students develop at an individual pace that fits each child’s own strengths, challenges and interests, while interacting with children both younger and older. Our programs meet the needs of children in each three-year developmental period, and guide each individual child in all areas of growth: academic, emotional, physical and social.

Our teachers go through extensive and continuous training and learn how to closely observe the learning style, interests, and progress of each child. Their training is specifically tailored to the developmental stages of the children they work with. We work with the children in a way that is based on their growth, and through this we create appropriate education environments that suit their needs. Through this method of working with children, our teachers recognize how to help students unleash their true potential, how to connect them to their learning, and how to know when to challenge them to get to the next level. Their progress is shown by the child’s development, and not by a strict curriculum or state mandate. 

In each of our classes, we have one Assistant that speaks only Spanish to the children throughout the entire day. In toddler and primary it is an informal way of exposing children to new sounds and languages if it isn't already a language spoken at home. In elementary the exposure to Spanish is more formal.


With such a diverse community of families, many of our students already know a second language and our environment only gives them an opportunity to expand their language skills. 

A Lifelong Love of Learning

What Does It Mean to be AMI Accredited?

The term “Montessori” was never trademarked, so when searching for a Montessori program, it is important to observe and ask questions. AMI stands for Association Montessori Internationale and is the closest to Maria Montessori’s original teachings. AMI was founded by Maria Montessori herself in 1929. It is traditional and true to the authentic Montessori method. In order for our school to have an AMI accreditation, all of our guides must all be AMI trained.


The other type of accreditation for a Montessori school is called AMS which stands for the American Montessori Society. It was founded in 1960, when Mario Montessori appointed Nancy McCormick Rambusch to be the US representative for AMI. It deviates from the original teachings of Maria Montessori in that teachers can use other materials and develop a different curriculum.

Fiore has been AMI accredited since 2014.

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Montessori All the Time

Montessori at Home

Fiore invites parents to bring the Fiore and Montessori philosophies home and into daily life. We offer families a variety of opportunities to engage with teachers and staff.

Parent Workshops help parents understand the Montessori philosophy more fully and learn ways of incorporating it at home. Many of the ideas are simple, minor lifestyle changes and can be easily integrated into even the busiest  family’s schedule.

Our parent workshops are called P.E.P talks or Parent Enrichment Programs. These events are open to our current and prospective parents that are interested in learning more about Montessori. Click here to learn more. 

History of Fiore- How It All Began

In 2007, Sailini and Sandeep Lohia enrolled their one year old son in a daycare, close to home. They were very dissatisfied with the decision. They noticed that while their son went to school happily, he was often wound up at the end of the day. As young parents, it took Sailini & Sandeep some time to realize that this state of being ‘wound up’ was over stimulation from a combination of highly processed foods served to him, an environment where he was entertained, not engaged, and adults who were loving but uneducated in child development.


Around this time, by chance (or maybe destiny) a friend introduced the Lohia’s to Montessori education. When Sailini first visited a school, she came out with tears in her eyes. It did not make sense that if teachers knew how to enable a young child to become aware of themselves and grow independent, free and happy like in the Montessori classroom that she just observed, why was everyone not already following that philosophy. 


From there the journey began. In 2009, Sailini quit corporate work and trained to be a Montessori teacher (or guide as we commonly say in Montessori parlance). Sandeep encouraged her to think of starting a school. He took on the task of finding Fiore a home and was immediately drawn to the 4.5 acre property which was to become the future home of Fiore. The natural surrounding, both within the school and at Meadowlark Gardens was a dream come true. He worked to acquire the school building in an exciting auction and then spent the next year working to obtain all the permits to start the school - an equally exciting endeavor!


In September 2010 Fiore opened its doors with a total of 5 children and a Montessori guide who joined their adventure. Fiore grew rapidly to establish three classrooms, and to be the first school in Vienna/Tysons area to start a toddler Montessori program. In 2012, they started work on expansion of the school to five classrooms, and to undergo accreditation from the Association Montessori Internationale. Fiore has been accredited since 2014. In 2016 Fiore opened its Elementary program.  In September 2019 Fiore will begin its 10th year of operations - an important milestone. 


As a family, Sailini and Sandeep have appreciated being able to implement the Montessori philosophy in raising their two boys. As part of the Fiore family, they are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey to impact the lives of young children and to be amongst like minded teachers and parents every day.