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Adolescent Program Invites Visiting Experts to Teach

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

This fall season we are happy to welcome a variety of community “experts” to Fiore’s campus to share their range of creative talents!

Fiore’s Adolescent Program offers a 2.5 hour Creative Expression block of time each week during school for all students. The CE schedule is filled with exciting and inspirational workshops intended to introduce the students to professionals who have studied and perfected a unique craft over many years. As adolescent students explore alongside such innovative creatives, they begin to expand their vision, and discover new possibilities for expressing themselves. They also come up with transformative ways to share their ideas, applying what they have learned to constructive projects and giving rise to more challenging and ambitious goals.

Our fall semester schedule includes the following remarkable workshops:

  • a four week opportunity with a lacrosse and athletics coach to learn about the anatomy of the eye and visual acuity as it relates to sports, providing activities that demonstrate ways to improve dynamic vision and build cognitive skills

  • a six week class held in the beautiful Barn Music Loft as part of a “Singing Together” workshop to explore the physics of sound production, vocal genres, and some ensemble work under the tutelage of a classically trained operatic vocalist

  • several multi-week sessions provided by professional actors to explore and teach about a number of dramatic disciplines including stage acting, improvisation, and physical theater

  • a 6-week course by a Montessori-trained visual artist to examine the fundamentals of art and explore several types of media and creative techniques

  • periodic yoga classes providing opportunities for physical exercise, mental relaxation and general well-being

Be sure to watch for news about the professional artists, actors, and other expert instructors who will be contributing to Fiore’s Adolescent Program beginning in January 2024!

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