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Montessori Inspired Gift Ideas

Looking for some last minute gifts? We have gathered some ideas for different age ranges below. Share your gift ideas in the comments as well!

Gift Ideas for Infants

Gift Ideas for Toddlers (1-3)

Gift Ideas for Primary (3-6)

Gift Ideas for Elementary (6-12) and Adolescent (12-15+)

  • Books following your child’s interests (start introducing fantasy and history)

  • Art supplies

    • Examples:

      • Sketch pads

      • Watercolor or oil painting set

      • Clay and clay tools

      • Weaving set

      • Knitting supplies

      • Sewing supplies

  • Outdoor/sports equipment

    • Examples:

      • Soccer ball and net

      • Basketball and hoop

      • Hiking or climbing gear

  • Lego sets

  • Board games

  • Notebooks/journals

  • Experiences

    • Tickets to a play

    • Tickets to a sports game

    • A day trip somewhere new

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