Fiore Montessori School is committed to authentic Montessori education which empowers children to become confident independent thinkers, innovators, and responsible leaders who will contribute to humanity.

Serving children 16 months- 12 years

Due to the continued health concerns with COVID-19 all upcoming tours will be conducted virtually. Please click the button below to sign up for an upcoming virtual tour.

Practicing Social Distancing
Practicing Social Distancing


Fiore’s Toddler Program aids the children with their need for socialization, curiosity, and exploration while developing movement and language skills.


16 mo-3 yrs


Fiore’s Primary Program offers an independent and calm environment, specializing in the senses and nurturing the child’s absorbent mind.


2.5 yrs-6 yrs


Fiore’s Elementary Program provides an exciting environment that encourages the child’s reasoning mind. It provides a foundation in problem solving and collaboration, as well as a strong skill in working in groups and navigating the outside world. 


6 yrs-12 yrs

Upcoming Events Open to Everyone

We have finished our PEP talks for the year. We look forward to offering you more discussions next year!

Important Dates for Fiore Families

Elementary Play- May 18th


Last day of school- May 21st

First day of Summer Session 1- May 26th


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Fiore Montessori School is an AMI accredited school.

AMI stands for the Association of Montessori Internationale and was originally founded by Maria Montessori.

Click here to learn more about AMI.