Toddler Community

An environment focused on the journey to independence, serving children 16 months to 3 years.

Language Development

The toddler child is constantly acquiring language skills through their absorbent mind. As they listen and begin to speak on their own, they enhance their communication and vocabulary skills. 


The classroom acts as a micro-society for young children. They learn social skills, otherwise known as grace and courtesy to aid them in their development. 


The classroom is set up to fit the needs of the toddler child. They have freedom of movement so they can work on fine and large motor skills. 

Practical Life

A large part of the toddler community is food preparation and care of the environment. These are vital life skills, that when shown at a young age are ingrained in the child. They care for their bodies and their surroundings with respect and grace. 

Functional Independence

A pillar for this age is toilet independence. Toddlers spend ample time focusing on this specific life skill, as it gives them confidence and independence. By the time children can walk, they have the muscles needed to be able to train their bodies to use the toilet. To support their independence in toileting, beginning from day one of enrollment into our toddler class, children wear cloth training underwear.