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Little Adjustments Become Gold Says One Parent

Have you ever heard a concept explained in a way that really stuck with you? Maybe it was even something you already knew well, but the specific wording just really struck a chord and helped you to better understand or embrace an idea.

After classroom observations, a Fiore parent shared one such experience. While standing in the entrance of the classroom, Fiore Head of School, Sailini Lohia, mentioned to the parent that, “what a child in primary needs is to use her hands in the care of herself”. This specific phrasing really struck the parent as such a clear and accessible way of understanding a profound, yet simple Montessori concept. 

The parent went on to share that since hearing that phrase, she has been able to use it as a mantra in moments where she was otherwise tempted to intervene. It also inspired her to examine their morning and evening routines, adding in time for their child to be able to “use their hands in the care of herself” without everyone feeling rushed and overwhelmed. 

The family sat down and listed out everything that they do during the week to take care of themselves and the household, and then considered which tasks their child was actually able to do themselves. They realized that there was so much that their child was actually capable of independently, but that the adults in the home were “doing” for the child instead. After making some simple changes and turning these tasks over to their child, they have seen the child truly flourish. 

The parent remarked, “I can't imagine how great that [doing things to help herself] must feel to her at the ripe old age of almost 4”.

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