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Outdoor Gear

As we slowly move closer to winter and the temperatures continue to drop, appropriate outdoor gear becomes even more important! At Fiore, students go outside in all types of weather (with the exception of extreme temperatures or storms). Therefore, it becomes very important for the children to have proper weather appropriate outdoor gear for the fall and winter seasons. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting outdoor gear for your child to wear to school in the colder months.

  • Always keep independence in mind. For example, will your child be able to put their gloves on themselves or would mittens be an easier solution? Have your child practice putting new gear on and taking it off at home so that they will feel more comfortable once they get to school. Of course, there will always be adults and peers around to help as needed!

  • Waterproof. Once snow (and mud) arrives, waterproof gloves/mittens, boots, and snow pants go a long way in keeping your child comfortable outside. On days that are dry, knit items are a great option as they can often be easier for the children to put on and take off on their own as well as give them more dexterity. Consider sending in a back up pair of mittens or gloves if you don’t have waterproof versions readily available on wet or muddy days. Don’t forget your elementary aged children too! They will also be doing a lot of exploring in the outdoors and will need to stay warm and dry!

  • Make sure your child’s name is in all of their clothing items! Mittens, hats, and socks are the easiest to mix up as well as rain and snow pants that often all look the same. Be sure to put your child’s name or initials in ALL of their outdoor gear and clothing items that come to school.

Share your favorite outdoor gear in the comments below!

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